Executive Expectation Focus


Targeted Search

To be successful, what does the ideal new hire need to achieve in the first month, quarter, and year?    The answers are key to finding the right talent to solve important problems and are the basis for a performance profile, focused on executive expectations.  Direct collaboration between the hiring executive and recruiter is essential for a best outcome.



Paladin offers Retained Search and Contingency Search with based on shared client commitment.  Paladin works directly with hiring managers to understand business and position objectives, leadership values, and corporate culture, essential information necessary to attract the best available talent.  

​Passive Candidates

Too busy producing results to look for other work.  Isn't that the kind of professional you want on your team?  They can be hard to reach and tough to attract.  Paladin uses a variety of search tools and methods to contact and recruit passive candidates, in addition to screening active candidates.  Paladin Search recruits and recommends candidates with a history of quantifiable achievements, and a strong probability of producing results to meet or exceed executive expectations.