Achiever Pattern Search

Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats.  

Paladin looks for candidates with a high achiever pattern: a consistent history of achievements and increasing responsibility.  

The best talent has both significant achievements and aspirations.  They are attracted to significant career moves, not lateral transfers.  

True career moves, not lateral transfers.

Paladin works with the hiring authority to identify the job characteristics that will attract high achievers including: near and long term work goals, career progression, and new ventures.  Candidates know where they’ve been, help them chart a new course.  

Paladin's  goal is for the people hired to perform well on the job, be challenged, satisfied, stay, and build the company. 

Make sure the ladder is leaning on the right wall.

Requirements lists may too narrowly define the candidate population, and can actually mislead recruiters, interviewers and candidates.  

Required degrees, specific titles, experience, and skills, etc., are fine, but is the combined criteria so tight that it defines a non-existent person?

Paladin works closely with hiring authorities to clearly define the job challenge and its impact on the company, then use that information to recruit the best of the best, people ability now and capability for the future.